Real Time GPS Tracker: How it works, Types, Benefits and Recommendations

Real time GPS tracker is a device which uses Global Positioning System to track precise location of the carrier at specific intervals. You can monitor the position of a person, pet, or vehicle in real time if they carry GPS tracking devices.  This is done by recording their location data and storing it on the […]

Business Surveillance Systems, CCTV For Security In Business, Importance of Business Security.

Theft can occur anywhere, and workplace is not excluded. No matter the size of your business, whether you manage a large corporation to a retail store, small business chain or a warehouse – you need business surveillance systems.  Every business irrespective of size is faced with common security challenges, from employee theft, shoplifting and vandalism […]

Home Security Surveillance Systems: Types of System Security, Importance of Electronic Security Systems, And Recommendations

We all feel the need to be secured and as a matter of fact, safety is topmost in our list of priorities. You will agree with me that home security surveillance is not a subject to be taken lightly, especially in this age of increased crime rate. It is always great to know that your […]